We turn big ideas into brand building success stories

Brenlin is a brand agency. Our passion is to build brands. These days, content is king and the brand with the most relevant and engaging content wins. We’ll find and reach the touchpoints in your market, make sure they are listening and then carefully craft content to create a meaningful relationship between your brand and your customers.

A great product is not enough. You need a go-to-market strategy that will engage your customers and pave the path to purchase. Brenlin has been driving brand strategy for our clients for years, helping to launch and build brands through strategic thinking that finds the white space and delivers results.

At brenlin, we produce great video that will leverage your brand story and increase customer engagement. Because the impact of video is greater than ever and has proven ROI, it is one of the single most important components we include in a content marketing strategy. Compelling video will drive engagement, increase website click-through rates and time spent on your website. What’s more, providing pertinent video content through social media and other outreach efforts expands the reach of your brand message.  

Your website is the interactive “rest stop” for sharing your brand story. At brenlin we believe whether you are a B2B company or target consumers directly, your website must be fine-tuned on a regular basis. Whether you are starting from the ground up on a new site or looking to update, upgrade or repair your current website, we employ specific strategies that build traffic and make it work harder for your brand. Beautiful visuals and appealing content are just the beginning. Brenlin goes behind the visuals to develop the critical keywords and implement search engine optimization that will increase your website’s visibility. Our ultimate goal for your brand – page one in a browser search.

Integrated digital marketing programs are fundamental in growing your brand. At brenlin, we will develop digital marketing techniques that engage your customers and increase your reach. Whether it’s digital sales training materials for your sales team or digital advertising campaign that lures potential customers, we make sure every digital component works in concert to support your brand story.

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagery has become even more important in today’s age of digital marketing. At Brenlin, we use photography to help craft your story. We’ll bring your products or service to life right in our in-house studio or go on location to capture the essence of your company, your brand.

Great graphic design brings personality and life to your brand. For more than 25 years, brenlin has built its reputation on award-winning graphic design. Packaging is our strong suit. Print that gets customers to act is our passion. Our brains think visually and we push the creative envelope to give your brand that unique look that evokes emotion and creates an indelible impression.

Whether you need that one printed piece for a presentation or multiples for broad distribution, brenlin can deliver. Unlike most agencies, we handle four-color, on-demand printing in-house. So we can support the specifics of executing your marketing strategy exactly when and how it’s needed. Our fulfillment department can manage print inventories and specialty fulfillment to support any strategic initiative.

As part of your tradeshow team, brenlin can create the draw that delivers your brand message to your most important audience. We consider your trade show presence a critical component in your integrated marketing strategy. One that will showcase your brand and present the right message to your customers. From designing the booth footprint to generating booth traffic, brenlin does it all.